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Spare Rib Question ??

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Please answer me this........


Why is it that on all the BBQ TV shows I watch and at the few rib-burn offs I've been to. The spare ribs the competition guys and rib joints are Q'n  are ALWAYS  so uniform  in size, shape and thickness? They are  like perfect rectangle shape and look to be of equal thickness from end to end and they seem to be kind of thinner than what I buy locally.


I trim mine St Louie style but they never look as good. Are they using a higher grade of ribs than what they sell at Wally World or the local grocer?  Or is this just a case of Pork envy?  33.gif





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One thing they do that a lot of us home BBQ'rs don't do is trim off the narrow end of the rack. That gets rid of the end with the small tiny bones that also has the most taper to it. Then when you trim them to St. Lois you have a more rectangular rack without the thin taper on the end. Personally since I don't care about looks at home I just leave the end attached and usually use that end to take "test" samples from. biggrin.gif

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I'm sure guys like Myron Mixon and Johnny Trigg have butchers who sell them the best money can buy. They want them to look perfect for the judges. So they spend a lot of time trimming them up to look like that.

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Pretty much what Johnny & Al said.




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