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smoked kielbasa

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Hello I am new to this forum and apologize if this is in the wrong section or has been asked before. I just finished a trial batch of smoked kielbasa , which i based on a recipe my Dad and Grandmother used to make. Dad used an old fridge which he placed on cinder blocks and built a fire of apple. He did have a heat shield so the flames did not get into the smoke chamber. I Built a similar one and smoked today. The internal temp of the meat reached 160 actually it was 180 degrees. My mom remembers that the casing would "shrivel" for lack of a better term and that is when they knew it was done. The taste of the kielbasa was good but the smoke did not color the inside 1/4'-/3/8' of the meat in the center. The fire was about 30 inches below my smoke chamber. I did rotate the kielbasa half way through, and it smoked for about 4.5 hours. I do not remember having the inside of dad's lighter then the outside. Did i do something wrong? how can i get smoke to penetrate to the center? lower heat for longer time? Thanks for your help

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Several Questions,


  1. Did you make the sausage or was it just a commercial sausage?
  2. If you made it did you use cure or is it just fresh sausage?
  3. What is the recipe you used?


If you did not use a cure either TQ or Cure #1 the inside will just be a gray color.  Also you need to rely more on  actual internal temps and not when the casing shrivels.


Tell us a little more details on your process and we will be glad to help you there are some great "SausageHeads" here...

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First off welcome Wiern to SMF and were glad to have you aboard. There is bookoo’s of information here and some great looking q from members who can really dish it out so join in and share your experiences, have some fun and don’t forget to post our favorite.

The Qveiw



I agree with beer-b-q's comments. With my sausage the smoke flavor only penetrates the outside of the sausage due to the casing not allowing the smoke flavor to reach the middle. If your sausage did not turn reddish inside it may have been due to no cure or curing time.  I reach an internal temp of 160 degrees just to be sure all areas of my sausage have made it to 154 degrees. When the sausage is pulled it goes into a cold water bath to cool for about five minutes to stop the cooking process. This will also help stop the casing from wrinkling. Getting the sausage too hot is usually the cause of the sausage shriveling rendering fat loss. If you are looking for penetration of smoke through the sausage you could try making snack sticks with no casings. Do a search on snack sticks and look for rbranster... he's the snack stick guru.....





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I tried to replicate the old recipe of salt pepper and garlic. I did use measurements that were found in a book. Gram took the recipe with her. They would buy whole pork butts take some fat off and season it, mixing it on the kitchen table. She would feel for the salt sometime the garlic would get her and have too much. A hand crank grinder was used to grind and stuff in the same process it was a course grind. I used this recipe and had a coarsely ground meat that I bought from a local meat market  who makes their popular kielbasa from the same pre-ground meat.This was an experiment to test recipes  . I ground half into a hamburg grind and 1/2 I did with the course grind. When smoking  dad never worried about inside temp as the kielbasa was always boiled for 10-15 minutes this was over 30 years ago. The wife of the couple I made it with insisted on the internal temp whick I did achieve. I did not use a cure. as  Dad never used one. I do think that his grind was courser then the pre ground pork I had bought. Is it possible that the casings were overstuffed meaning packed too tightly?


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There is tons of info here about sausage making and smoking it.

Put what ever you might want to know about in the handy dandy search tool.

I did a few for you to give you a show of how to.

You also could look at the folks handles and search thier postings.


  Have fun!!!






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You came to the right place. Lots of sausage guys here!

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So your sausage you remembered was red all the way though to the center as in a smoke ring red. According to your post you are smoking fresh sausage. Make sure the 4 hr rule is followed here. you must get to 140 in 4 hrs with fresh sausage. The reason Kielbasa is boiled because back in the old days the immigrants who brought there recipes had to ensure all the ecoli and other nasties were killed with fresh sausage due to poor sanitation........ they incorporated this cooking technique with boiling smoked cured sausage but was not needed. I would assume you did not get enough smoke to the sausage or you got the sausage to hot to fast. As Craig has said, do a search and next time don't forget to post some qveiw of your next results to help us assist you to make your sausage experience more pleasurable.

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Have many years sausage making. What i have found as many others have is that smoke will only penetrate so far into the meat (with any smoked meat) Yes with fresh sausage you will have the 1/8 to 1/4" smoke ring. If your going to smoke fresh uncured sausage you will want to start your temp at 140 no smoke for an hour. This will give the casings time to dry some as smoke does not adhere good to wet casing. Then bump the heat to 150 with smoke and bumping temp up to 175. Try not to exceed 180. Broiling is up to you.


Here is another way.


Bring your sausage close to the IT. Cool and start a double heavy smoke with a temp of 140.  The sausage will get very dark and smokey.


SMOKE ON and let us know how it turns out for ya.

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