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Chuckie Success with Qview

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After all these posts about "Chuckies" I decided to try a couple myself. They are worth the time!



I bought 2 boneless chuck roasts($2.58lb) weighing 2.8lbs a piece.




I Injected the roasts with French Onion soup, smeared L&P thick, and rubbed them down with my own blend. Let them chill overnight in the fridge.




After about 12 hrs in the fridge it was time to get ready to smoke.




Loaded my new 6x8 AMNS for the first time with Hickory dust. I wasnt sure how much to use but it turned out that 2 rows was plenty of smokey flavor. Lit both ends.




In to the new MES 40" for the first smoke.




 Foiled both around 160 with some Beef Consomme(not shown). Even though they were they same size, one took 6.5 hrs and the other took over about a stall!




All the way to 200. Let rest for 1/2hr or so. Dinner time.




Separated fat from juices and mixed in with the beef before making French dips.





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Man them chuckies look great. Nice job drool.gif

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Looks great! If you had any leftovers, the flavor is even better the next day.



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Congrats on your 1st chuckies - they look dee-licious!  I always do an extra 1 or 2 for the freezer, it's one of my favorite cuts - lots of taste and super versatile.  And, frequently on sale for crazy low prices!  Cheers! 

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nice chuckie.................

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Excellent job on your first try with your new MES!   beercheer.gif

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Good job brother! Looks great.

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Looks great!  

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Good job breaking that new bad boy in with some fine looking chuckies....congrats

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Looks good
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They sure do look tasty from here - nice job

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Great Looking Chuckies...

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Those Chuckies sure look good. Nice job.

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