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ok the bbq pit calculator says I need101 square inches of firebox to cook chamber opening... i just installed my 7 inch diameter pipe yesterday connecting the 2 (in my head thinking it would be ok).  Can I put some extra peices of pipe between the 2 to increase the opening?


Also, Instead of have 1 stack on my RFS.... the calculator says 1 stack would have to be 32 inches tall, could I have 2 stacks almost side by side and then reduce the height of the stacks?


PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPPP... need to do this soon!





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Dang, I come up with 38.5" with a 7" pipe so you would need 2.5 times more then the seven inch pipe.

I never built a smoker but I'm curious where you're getting your info from. Are you building a BIG smoker?


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Yes, 55gal drum firebox and 250 or 275 gallon tank and the meat chamber.  So can I have more than one smoke stack to reduce the height of an idividual one'?

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