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Back Again

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Howdy everyone, Cman95 here again, I had to re-join under another name as I could not get the site to accept my old user name. I tried the lost password but had no luck, no records of me ever being here. No biggie, my fault for being away so long. Maybe later I can get reinstated with my old username but ok if I don't. I am still doing the smoking fun when I am at home. I leave Africa tomorrow and will be home Thursday. Hope to get a smoke on this weekend. For all those that remember me...A BIG HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Welcome back!

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Welcome back. I found all your threads etc under     "cman95"  . Someone will straighten it out.

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Welcome back nice to have ya.icon14.gif

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Thanks for the welcome guys. I forgot to say earlier that I like the new format of the forum. May take me a little while to get used to it but thats fine too.

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Welcome back!



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Hello Wayne, and thanks for returning to the SMF. It's all good my friend.

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You ole pepperhead you, still cranking out that good Q. It is good to be back as I have thought about all the people on this site from time to time. I just had to step back and re-do a few things but I plan to step backup to the plate....I mean smoker. Thanks!

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Welcome Back...

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Pineywoods fixed my stupidity and cman95 is back. I hope to soon share some q-view with you

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Hey Hey !!! Welcome back!   Glad to have you back on deck !  Now get some smoke on!



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