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First Ribs in MES

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Dug around in the freezer and found a rack of Ribs, Made up a dry rub then put them in the fridge overnight.Got them on around two o'clock.Had 3 chicken quarters so I figured why not. I did the 3 2 1 method. after 3 hrs took the ribs out added some pineapple and juice Then  wrapped them and back in the smoker for 2 hrs. Threw together a sauce that was pretty damn good. butter,onions,garlic,Pepper,honey,Tabasco,pineapple juice and some Seagram's 7. Chicken was just garlic powder, salt and pepper.Put Some taters on and cooked both for 2 hrs. Taters internal 190 and chicken 165 . Last hour I uncovered ribs and added some sauce. LOVE THIS MES



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Looks like another expert has risen from PA. good lookin' Q.

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Looks excellent my friend! Great color on the chicken!

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Great looking Q you have there.. Nice job

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Looks delicious!!



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very nice!  i need to try some chicken 1/4's one of these days

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Looks Great, Congratulations...

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Nice lookin' 1/4's and ribs!!!! 

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Thanks all again I just enjoy smoking and BBQ hope to have many more Q views. Need to fire up my uds and get something going in it, Im afraid it may be getting jealous'102.gif

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Great job...nice looking spread. Was hoping to see a cut shot of the ribs.....hope you tested out that Seagrams before using to make sure it was still good. Remember, if you can't drink it, you shouldn't cook with it

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