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Time to get to work!

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Ok the snow is melting, ideas are flying around left and right, and so are the questions.

First off, is there a certain percentage you are supposed to use for your door/doors on your smoker?

I know there is a formula for the smoke stack but I haven't found that yet.

This is what I will be working with.

Future smoker.jpg


Tommorrow I will be stripping the extras off the tank and the trailer.

Currently waiting on steel.

More later as it progresses.

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Looks like its going to be a cool build..Can't wait to see it in progress KEEP THE PIC'S COMINGpopcorn.gif

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That's an awesome set up to start with. looking forward to seeing this one transformed.

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The following are pictures taken while my smoker was beeing built.

I was unable to do it myself due to health reasons but things are much better now so here goes.





























Comparing temps in the pic above. It appears to be 8 degrees difference between smoker temps and digital probe.




First smoke trial run - 2 turkey's one spatchcocked one regular





Turkeys were brined and covered in Kansas City Cherry, co-workers inhaled them.

Then there was 'cushion meat' for a graduation.

Rubbed in mustard after 24hr brine, rubbed down with Jeff's rub.








I did get alot of compliments on the pulled pork so again, Thank you Jeff.



Only 2 smokes on the books and alot yet to learn. I have been unable to regulate heat as far as rollercoaster temps but hopefully that comes in time.


Thanks for looking.

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Looks nice. Glad to hear your health is better

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Good looking smoke - glad you are back to better health

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Turkeys look great!   thumb1.gif

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