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Boston Butt With Q-view

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I decided to do an overnight smoke of a couple butts. Enjoy! Sorry first Qview they are in the wrong order! start from bottomIMG_20110130_185101.jpgIMG_20110130_191318.jpgIMG_20110130_130529.jpgIMG_20110130_175222.jpgIMG_20110130_130349.jpg





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That looks very  good well done

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I agree---Very good & very well done !!!


Thanks for the views!



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Looks delicious!!



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Real nice job on the butts looks greaticon14.gif

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It doesnt matter what order there in. It all looks good. I see your making carolina bbq sausage.gif

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Looks Great, Nice Job...

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Those look great!!! Nice job.

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Looking good  congrats

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Excellent job there my friend!

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Excellent job on the butts....succulent looking meat. I screw up the pic loading as well at times....I load last to first but there must be an easier way

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