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Chicken1.jpgRoasting 2 half chickens and two quarters. And a side of backed beans with bacon.


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Looking real good.. Love me some smoked chicken icon14.gif

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That does look good


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Here is the finished product. It was perfect. Even the breast meat was moist and full of flavor.


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That looks delicious....... Nice color

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Oh send me a plate of that any day! Looks awesome

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Originally Posted by Scarbelly View Post

Oh send me a plate of that any day! Looks awesome

What he said...


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The beans were even worthy of writing home about. I took a can of Van Camps original and some brown sugar with Curly's bbq mixed it up and topped it with chopped bacon. Normally I would cover the pan with foil when put in a smoker but I left these uncovered and the flavor was amaizing!! The sugar's carmalized and put them over the top. I am loving this new smoker!

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I can see why you love that smoker. Great looking Q!

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Some mighty fine looking chicken there, excellent job!

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