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Cheddar Brats

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Not sure if i'm linking the pictures right, but here goes.

Been lurking around here a long time, thanks for all the tips and tricks.


Made some brats from my Rytek Kutas book. I didn't use veal, I just used a 10 lb butt. They always turn out great that way, IMO..

And used dry milk for the binder. Only other thing I did is shred a pound of of cheddar and mixed in. Cheddar makes everything Better!!! :)

When they're almost done, I throw them in a sauerkraut foil pouch and let 'em steam for a bit..

oh my goodness...oh my goodness.

Well, thanks for looking. 


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It all looks good, but you need to figure out how to post the pics so we don't have to click each link. The icon between the right arrow & the film strip is insert image. Use that and follow the prompts and your pics will be in your post.

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