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First smoke on my new Lang 36"

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Brand new to the forum guys, but happy to get started.  Hope to learn a lot.  I've been cooking on my old char griller w/ offset firebox smoker for the past few years, but ordered a new Lang 36" smoker last week.  New Lang should be here tomorrow!!  I will post some pictures once it gets here tomorrow.  I plan on seasoning tomorrow night and having her first smoke Saturday.  Weather is supposed to be perfect this weekend.  Planning on cooking ribs and a butt.  

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Welcome to SMF - WOW a Lang for you ! Congrats they dont get any better than that

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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. Congrats on the new Lang they are great smokers

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Another Baby Lang,!


They must be selling like milk at a hot chili convention,  that's the fourth one I am aware of on this forum alone this spring.


Did you get the standard Stainless Steel or did you ask for the 1/4 inch steel?


Welcome to the forum



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Welcome to SMF & congrats on the new Lang!

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.  Al - I got them to do 1/4" steel, instead of the black stainless.  I actually saw your post on this forum a couple of weeks ago, and it really helped me make my decision.  I knew I wanted a smoker with 1/4" steel, but didn't know Lang would build it like that until after I saw your post.  Thanks a ton for putting that on here.  I actually told Ben Lang that there was a guy on a BBQ forum I saw who had a bunch of pictures of his new 36" up.  He told me to thank you for doing that on his behalf.  He's a super nice guy. 


Smoker is scheduled to arrive today at noon, so I'll have to run home from work, move it, and then head back to the office for a little while this afternoon.  However, I will season tonight and post some pictures. 

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Awesome, can't wait for the pics

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Welcome to the SMF and congrats on the Lang....I can sense the excitement. I think I would have to bail outta work when I got that call...lol. Good luck with the seasoning run and looking forward to some pics.

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Kye Mac- welcome to SMF from a fellow Lang owner.  You gonna love how easy that smoker is to use.  Looking forward to que-view of her maiden smoke!

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Right you were Chef Willie - think I'm gonna have to "work from home" this afternoon.  HA.  OK, here are some pics.  You guys should have seen me unloading this 600lb beast by myself... I definitely broke a sweat.  Had to roll it around an alley uphill behind my house to get it in the backyard, but I got her in safely.  Pics are below.  Will post some more tonight during seasoning process. 


Lang (shipping).JPG



Lang 1.JPG

Frebox (better view).JPG

Lang open.JPG

Inside side view (rack in).JPG

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One quick question to all you Lang owners out there, and especially Al or anyone else with a 36" - what the heck is this short steel piece that comes wrapped by the firebox used for???  In the pictures, I assumed it was a drip pan but it doesn't have a bottom... I'm probably just being dumb, but the only think I could think to use it for would possibly be to hold char coal in the firebox?  I'm sure the answer will embarrass me, but I'm throwing this out there.

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FYI - I posted the pics a little while ago, but it's being held up since I'm new to the forum.  Hopefully they will come though soon.

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Pics are up now good looking rig. I'd have liked to see picks of you unloading it by yourself and pushing it up hill biggrin.gif

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First off welcome to SMF and were glad to have you aboard. There is bookoo’s of information here and some great looking q from members who can really dish it out so join in and share your experiences, have some fun and don’t forget to post our favorite.

The Qveiw



Nice rig..........................

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To protect the handle on the firebox as far as I know

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Fired up the smoker tonight, and was very surprised at how incredibly hot it got when I let it go wide open.  It went up well over 400 degrees before I started backing it down (less than 45 minutes to reach that temp).  I seasoned with cooking oil, and did the water mist steam clean two times as suggested by Lang instructions.  Then - I let it go for about 4 hours with the dampers pinched pretty tight and the smoke stack about half way closed.  Got a truckload of hickory wood delivered this afternoon from a local farmer, and it burned like napalm as the guy promised me.  Looking forward to cooking tomorrow.  Got a 5lb butt and some spare ribs.  Nothing to write home about, but just want to get a feel for this smoker before I load it up with a ton of stuff.  Pics below are the seasoned smoker and the butt I'm cooking tomorrow.  Butt just has a light mustard coat and a homemade dry rub.  Will post tomorrow and give you all some status updates.  






seasoned smoker.jpg

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Also - Pineywoods, to be honest I'd like to have a video of myself pushing this thing up that hill today.  LOL.  It was sheer determination, but could have been a disaster. I kept on seeing these visions of the smoker getting away from me and barreling down the hill faster than I could run.  Good news is that I got my workout in for the weekend, so now I'm free to see how much BBQ I can eat!

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Can't wait to see your first Q.

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Congrats on the lang that is one great smoker.. Can't wait to see the Q that come's from it.. Happy smoking banana_smiley.gif

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