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Smoking a yard bird on a rainy day...

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Not much else to do on a cold rainy day..

  I want to try something different so I decided to inject the 8lb bird, having no injection in the house I had to make some.  I read a few recipes and decided to try an Italian dressing based injection.(its what I had in the house)  I had some dressing in the frig so I put about 14 oz in the silver bullet blender and added a bunch of spices and some Bud Golden Wheat, gave it a good blend and injected the bird. I put the bird back in the frig for a few hours, I covered it with EVOO and some rub and put in the smoker at 2pm with some baking potatoes that have EVOO and kosher salt and pepper on them.. I'm hoping it will be done by 6pm.  I'm using hickory and smoking 250-300.


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Sounds good so far. Looking forward to the finish.   popcorn.gif

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Any Progress?

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Sounds Good can't wait to see the bird done.. th_What_NO_QVIEW.gif

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Smoker working hard









I will be using this injection again.. I need to write down what I used before I forget :)   I do need to move the injector around more to get less pockets.  The meat had a great smoke/Italian flavor. 

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Great Looking Yardbird...

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Great job on the bird.. Man that looks real good icon14.gif

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Looks delicious!!



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Looks great! Nice color!

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Whoa That's one great looking bird! Great finish!

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