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awesome job dude....I don't know jack about fabricating so am suitably impressed with your project. I don't think I'd have a finger left after something like

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Here is a post that explains things very well. IMO.


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alelover, Thanks.


I have been looking for that thread for 2 days to help wedel out. I have looked at it twice in the last few months but finding it again totally eveded me.

That thing needs to be a wiki or something OR, my old memory needs upgrading.wife.gif

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I think I have a lead on some 8 inch diameter pipe, and might just use 13 inches of that for the stack (according to the smoker ratio calculator).  ANY objections? haha.

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I think that was the 1st post I found when I went to modifying my smoker. I put it in my favorites so I could always find it. It's a great thread.

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Nice smoker.  I got my hands on a 275 gal clean oil tank recently and have come quite a ways with it.  Legs and wheels are on, just made a bracket to attach the firebox and plan on getting the door back on this week.  Can't wait for the whole hog! 

Have you used the one you have posted yet?


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Similar grill in the making.  

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Great idea for using the tank. Huge grill area.

My only thought is that the one pipe connecting the FB to CC might create a hot spot under the rf plate and corresponding cold spots in the corners nearest the FB.

Could you add more? Or cut the bottom corner off the oil tank and fit the drum into the pocket then you could cut out a slot for more and more even airflow
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The firebox is already bolted to the heavy duty steel bracket that I fabricated. Once the deflector is installed it should distribute the heat evenly. I've done quite a bit of research on getting even distribution of the smoke/heat. Hopefully will have door on this week. Pig is calling my name.
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