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gasser uds ??

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has anyone built a GUDS? if so how does it work,hold temp,etc  thinking of building one! if ya got one post some pics

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Why do you want a propane UDS? Just curious on your thinking.

I remember one member made an electric UDS because his apartment complex doesn't allow any type of cookers with flames. I can't remember who it is for sure though.

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I found the electric UDS thread. It was Meateater that made the smoker. I'm sure if you have questions on the performance of the electric one he would be more than happy to share some info.


Here is the thread.

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Yup, that was me on the electric UDS. I'm still abusing it with pleasure. :)  I believe Dutch built the original one. The propane build I'd like to see, keep us posted.

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just thought it would be cool to do!! I was searching for a burner for an old stainless double door referigator and came across a borner that is built into a pan all you would have to do is drill a couple of holes and wal la,  guds  I also checked out meat eaters electric rig, looks good meateater!!

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