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my 1st fattie

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1 roll jimmy deans sausage-original

1 box uncle bens long grain and wild rice-quick cook version

1 can sliced mushrooms

1/4 cup minced onion

1 boneless pork chop

4 slices provalon cheese

1 pack bacon


i started off by getting the rice up and going in some water and i also got some EVOO going in a frying pan.  while those got up to temp i started rolling out the jimmy dean in a gallon zip lock bag.  cut the bag and placed 4 slices of cheese on it and started chopping the onion.  i tossed one pork chop into the hot pan for a quick sear on both sides.  once the chop was done i laid it off to the side to cool and finished the rice. i than sliced the pork chop thin for easy layers.


with the cheese on i started to layer on the onion, mushrooms, pork chop slices and rice.  with this being my 1st was a pain rolling it up with out it ripping.  once i got it rolled i placed on some saran wrap and rolled that puppy up nice and tight and placed in the freezer for about 5 min to set up.  i started my basket weave on another piece of saran wrap and pulled my cooled fatty out of the freezer and wrapped it up nice and tight also and placed back in the freezer for a few more minutes.







i had the MES 40 set at 255 and smoked with apple for about 2 hours, internal temp to 165





last pic is some left overs i took to work.  these turned out awesome and i will be making more in the future!


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man that looks good.. I bet that dude was FaT.

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looks great for the first time...good job

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Very nice

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lol, so far from the taste testers at work, i've had to give out the receipt to 4 people.

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Looks mighty good Brother!

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Great Job Redneck !!!!!


Looks Awesome----and easy to follow!!




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Man O Man that looks great.. Nice job.. drool.gif

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Man I need to get off my butt & make a fatties soon!! Thats looks so good!

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Nice Job, Looks Great...

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You never forget your first


Great Job

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nice looking fattie..... nice filling all through out the inside

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