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Not sure where else to post this

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I have 4 of those white nylon or teflon cutting boards from Sam's club and I stupidly left them outside on my rusty trailer.  Does anyone have ideas on how to get rust stains off of them.


I'll try to post a pic later but think expanded metal pattern in rust stain.


I hate to toss them and buy more.




Mark C

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Last time I heard small amounts of ferrous oxide was not poisonous.  Only thing I could think to do would be to give them a good wash and then try scrubbing with some baking soda to get the stain out.  If that doesn't work wash again and try some white vinegar.  If that doesn't work wash again and try soaking in bleach.


Personally once clean I wouldn't worry about the rust stain.  They will work out over time in the washing machine.


Or just turn them over,  the bottom is probably still white.



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What Al says. 


It's basically a rust stain. Nothing more than a combination of iron & oxygen. Clean it off as best you are able, then you're good to go.

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Bleach it and use it or sand it off with a fine grit sandpaper

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There is a laundry and sink type cleaner called WINK that I use on alot of things that have rust stains, I would be sure to wash it off good though after you use it!.

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Muratic acid will remove rust stains. It won't react with the cutting board, but will remove the rust stain. But be careful!!

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In the kitchens at work we would submerge white cutting boards in bleach solution overnight to get the stains out. Worked well and a fairly cheap start. Also no worries about residue

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