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AL that butt looks great real nice job.. Great to hear the WSM went that long that is great.. I can't wait to see how long mine will go 18.5... Did you find any disadvantages when using the kingford blue bag?

Thanks Tyo, As for the blue bag, I use the Kingsford blue because it's economical, I get 2-23 lb. bags at Sam's for $16 or $17. It does create more ash than lump, but there is plenty of room for ash in my WSM. I guess there are fillers in it, but I don't notice any difference in the way the food tastes. Lump does burn hotter, but I have never had a problem getting the WSM to temp with the blue bag.

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Just did a butt without foil.  Put it in the 225 smoker at 6pm and at 8:30am it was at a happy 199 degrees.  Nice being able to sleep through a smoke and have it turn out like this.


The bark, oh the lovely bark!  Almost did not need to pull this one as it was falling apart on its own while removing from the smoker. The bark is all that was holding it together.  Taste is great with no sauce and heavenly with some added.  Wife says this is the best one to come out of the new MES so far.


No more foil for me. 



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Of course you know, what with all this talk about no foil,  the aluminum industry will have to rethink their production runs.  Gotta realign where my investments are with all this revolutionary talk going on, hereabouts.pot.gif

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