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How long

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I have a BBB curing in the fridge. I used TQ and granulated maple sugar, then vacum sealed it. I usually leave it 10-11 days, but due to work it has been much longer. How many days curing is still safe to smoke and eat.

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How many days has it been? I know people have said that's it fine to over cure it but I don't know if there is a limit on how long it can be cured or not. Just make sure you soak it in water good and do a fry test and I would think it would be fine. Hopefully someone will chime in soon that knows for sure if curing to long is an issue. Or if you don't get any responses send a PM to Pops he would know.

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I have BBB on cure right now that will be 15 / 16 days cure b4 smoking.

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