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Another Brisket

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Been doing allot of briskets lately and did two on Monday for a party. One for the party and one for us because the last three we made both the wife and I missed out on getting any they are gone very quick. This was the smaller of the two and the thinnest that I have done. Keep it wrapped in foil in the refrigerator overnight after it rested and reheated last night. Came out good, nobody has used any sauce on any of mine for awhile.001 (Large).JPG002 (Large).JPG003 (Large).JPG

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It was the last smoke for my old smoker,it was relaced by it's big brother that I just got done with. 005 (Large).JPG002 (10).jpg


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Great looking Brisket, Flip !!!


Real nice smoker/trailer build too !!!!


Should be seeing a lot more Qview from you now!





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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post


Real nice smoker/trailer build too !!!!


Thanks, can't wait to try it out this week sometime.


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Good looking brisket!  I smoke at least two at a time any more (just for the two of us).  We like to have the freezer stocked up.  Nice looking trailer smoker too.Looks-Great.gif

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Looks nice

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Both the rig & the brisket look great!

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Great looking brisket,nice color and smoke ring!!

Boy when you upgrade you UPGRADE !!! Nice rig.

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Great job on the brisket, it looks great...

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