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Couldn't Help Myself - Butt w/Qview

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I found at my local Food Lion a 1/2 pork butt. I had never seen such a thing before but it seemed like a perfect size for just me and my wife. A whole butt is great if you are having some people over, but it is overkill for just two people. I had some time today so I put it on early this morning for supper tonight. It was around 4.5# so I figured that if I put it on at 8AM I would have plenty of time for it to get nice and done and tender with a little time left over for it to rest. My job is such that I can work from home some days and this was going to be one of those days.


Here it is all rubbed and ready. I used EVOO and some rub of my own design.



I got my GOSM loaded with hickory and apple wood and got the temp up to 240. The temp stayed pretty stable. It would go up to 245 and then back down to 240, so when I had to leave for a couple of hours (so much for working at home) I felt pretty confident that I would not have to worry about the temp to much. Besides, a pork butt is pretty forgiving, temperature wise. It's not like a brisket that can get ruined real quick if the temp spikes for too long. I got back to the house after a few hours and the IT was 165 and time for foiling. It hit 205 by 5 o'clock, right on time.


Here it is out of the foil and ready for a rest.



The liquid in the pan is a mix of natural juices and some Uncle Yammy's Southern Style BBQ Sauce. I gave the bone a little twist and the meat just collapsed off of the bone. Perfect!


Here we have it all pulled and chopped.



Now here in North Carolina we take our barbeque very seriously and where I usually go to eat barbeque I consider it probably the best I have had anywhere, that is until tonight. I hate to toot my own horn, but this turned out fantastic. It was moist and tender and so flavorful that I didn't even add any sauce to it. My wife who rarely has seconds of anything actually had thirds. All I've got to say now is:


Duh, Winner!



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Great looking smoke for sure, but a small one? just for two of ya's? oh man don't miss out on all of the wonderful leftover PP,nachos,tacos,chimies.etc.etc.LOL I think my wife would shoot me if i smoked a small butt !!!! Nice job on the PP!!

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The size for me is also related to time. The last full pork butt I smoked was a 10 pounder and it took 20 hours to get to 200. This one I started this morning and it was done in time for a delicious supper, with enough left over to give some to my mom and some for lunch tomorrow. Life is good.

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Nice looking Q you have there.. Man it looks tasty nice job

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Looks great!!


 Yup...all the bbq joints just arent quite as tasty as your own.


We used to go to a few good ones here...not anymore.





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Can't beat backyard BBQ and yours looks delicious!

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Isn't working from home great?  I love to smoke chicken breasts for my lunch.  What other job allows you to smoke your lunch all morning?

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Nothing wrong there. Good job!

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Nice Looking Butt...

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