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Smoker Build

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Here is my new smoker, doing the seasoning (Olive oil in a spray gun) on it today. Seems to be coming up to temp very well, balanced on both sides. I bought the large Air Compressor tank which is ¼” thick material, the Tel-Tru thermometers, and some of the steel for the doors and shelves; everything else was scrape from out here on my property.


Places the thermometers about 1 ¼” off the shelve height so hope to get a fairly true rack temp.


Have movable heat baffles in the first chamber to the firebox, to help balance the heat, seems to be working well.


So total cost was about $320 with supplies and yes my welds are ugly but seem to hold up very well J.


My 1st build so any helpful comments are welcome.


Flip001 (13).jpg002 (10).jpg003 (11).jpg004 (9).jpg

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Very nice. Looks like you have room, if needed, for racks above the slide outs for more racks. Like mac-n-cheese, baked onions and garlic too. Be sure to include Qviews so we can drool on the keys.

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Yep, thought about upper racks and have the material for them. Might add them later.

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Looks like you have your expanded steel in the wrong direction.  Why don't you send it to me.  I'll be there this weekend, don't show the nieghbors this terrible mistake.

P.S. how do I get to Woodsmere?

HaHa, smoker looks great.  Put some food on that monster!

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Yea we all wanna see how it smokes!  grilling_smilie.gif

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It's been running all day and seems to be easy to keep around 220-240 without much wood. Heating up a brisket that is still in foil from yesterday from the old smoker. Going to do some chicken on it in a couple of days and report back. Very pleased with the way it's heating and smoking.


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Congrats on the smoker it looks great.. Can't wait to see some Q come off itpoints.gif

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NICE!!!!! I too am a member of the ugly weld club!!! LOLThumbs Up:biggrin:
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Nice smoker........

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