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Sunday CHUCKIE on the UDS. QVIEW

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Sunday Chuckie (03/06/11)

It’s been weeks since I smoked ANYTHING! We’ve been out of town, or the weather has been shitty. So even though both my wife and I were under the weather, I asked what sounded good, and we agreed on some shredded beef. So I drug myself over to grocery store, and picked up a chuck.


Smoker: UDS
Fuel: Good One Lump Charcoal
Smoke: Cherry Wood Chunks from BBQ Island
Meat: 3.7 lbs Chuck
Rub: The Good One Beef Rub + My Rub
Injection: Ginger Ale + Dales Steak Seasoning
Time: 12:30pm-8:00pm
Temp: 220-245


Not an impressive price, but here’s the Chuck




Ginger Ale + 2 TBS Dales Steak Seasoning


Here it is after the Good One Beef Rub (applied more liberally than it looks in pic)


I’m always on the hunt for different rubs. I had made a post awhile back about making a white beef rub. Found this one an BBQ Island and had to try it Photobucket

Tried to get a close-up of ingredients for you


Here it is after injection, and a liberal dose of my pork & poultry rub


Here’s the chuck bottom side up, after hitting the 165. This thing hit a stall at 152 degrees that lasted over an hour. Into the foil with some Dr. Pepper, Rub, and Parkay


I tied the chuckie so the part where it’s cut didn’t stray and overcook




We’ve got big plans for some tacos, chimis, and maybe just some au jus and egg noodles.

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Man that pulled chuckie looks great. Nice job. Bet them chuckie tacos are going to be good Looks-Great.gif

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Now your chuckie looks awesome and I really like the smoke ring too.

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That looks sooooo good

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That looks real nice!!!!
I just did two Chuckies------No smoke ring on mine:
Thanks for showing,
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OH man that looks awesome!!! Been awhile since i did a i'm hungry for one.

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Nice smoke ring and good looking chuckie. I bet that would be good on a good bakery bun and a little horseradish sauce.

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MMMMMMMMM   Delicious!!



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What temp did you take that to?  That pulled pic looks awesome!

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Great lookin' Chucky,

I love the color

Nice job thumbsup.gif

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Great looking Chuckie

Nice job


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Excellent looking chuckie. I'm ready for a sammie right now!

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real nice. 

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Very nice. Wonderful smoke ring. Got a chuckie in the freezer destined for the same fate.

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Thunder, now that is a good looking chuckie, I thing that my bunch would eat that up in a minute!!!!  I like the way you injected it and then rubbed it down with a rub you had used before.  If you could have let it rest in the Dr. Pepper, Rub and Parkay for about an hour or so I think that it might have been a bit more juicy but it looks great the way it turned out!!! Keep up the good work!


Your SMF Friend,

Barry  biggrin.gif

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  Really nice smoke ring. Bet that will be good any way you eat it!

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