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Beer Battered Fish Tacos

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Didn't smoke anything here, but still thought it was post-worthy.


Bought about 1.75 lbs of true Cod and a box of beer batter. We were trying to replicate some fish tacos we had down south of Tucson at a lil mexican place.


Here is the beer batter




My trusty lil fryer




1.75 lbs cut up into taco sized pieces




After a dose of Mad Hunky & some S&P




Fresh cut-up cabbage




Some mexican cheese & El Pato




Here it is after the big fry




Laid out some white sauce




Final product






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luv me some fish tacos.........nice job!

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MMM, love fish taco's and yours look delicious!

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Yeah baby!


Those look awesome

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Looks great.. man i love fish tacos have not had one in long time.. But after seeing this looks like that is on my list now Thanksicon14.gif

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Great looking tacos, and a nice added touch with the MH. I like the beer batter for that extra layer of texture. Great job, thanks for sharing the pics. A good Arizona cook will never let you down. It's all good my friend,.

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Looks excellent!!


I had fish tacos the other day too!! I love em. drool.gif

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I'm with everyone else here and say those are some fine looking tacos you have there.

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Lordy-Lordy---That looks GREAT !


Thanks for showing, TD !




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nice very nice

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Good looking tacos! Have you ever tried using tilapia? Very nice lite flavor....
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Those are awesome looking Tacos and coming from So Cal that is a compliment. We rock fish Tacos here


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Originally Posted by richoso1 View Post

 A good Arizona cook will never let you down.

true words from a very wise man!


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Beautiful!  Nice work!

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Great Looking Tacos...

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Man them look great!

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