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My 1st STUFZ Burgers

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Last week, I got a STUFZ in the mail from SOB.

We decided to try it out tonight with some sauteed onions & shrooms and Feta cheese


My wife figured out how it worked on the 1st try.  She made them and I grilled them.


Thanks for looking!















No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Looks good....on the grill looks like a hamburger family..... mom,dad and 7 little kids all happy happy!!!

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Stuffz burgers are awesome!! I will have to try that combo!

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Looks great Todd,

Gotta luv the Stufz  kewl.gif

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So what did you think of the combo? I am due for another round of Stufz burgers very soon as well.

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I've been wanting one for awhile & haven't got off my but & ordered one? What are the smaller ones? Are they not stuffed I take it?
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Those are good looking', ...monsters aren't they? 


They might have been your first, but I'll bet they won't be the last.



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Great lookin burgers...but no smoke?? Huh???

Mrs TJ did good!! Try AL's plastic wrap trick! really saves the sticky mess!


Looking good man!



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I like Blue Cheese, but it's a little strong for my wife.  We use Feta in a lot of dishes and salads.  The combo was great in the STUFZ.  Only thing missing was some bacon, but I ate it for breakfast.icon_mrgreen.gif


I'm looking forward to making some breakfast fatties with it


Next time I'll try smoking them first before finishing on the grill




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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They look great Todd. We had stufz burgers last night too. Only I had a bunch already stuffed & frozen, so we just pulled a couple out & put them on the grill. I really like them better in the smoker, but we were hungry & didn't want to wait a couple of hours to eat.

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Stufz are great, I was hoping to someday see a slider stufz maker.



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Hey Todd

Those are some great looking burgers - Great looking flavor

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Those look great, I gotta get one of those...

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WOW!!!  COOL!!!!  Where are these STUFZ advertised????  Who has them????  What do they cost???   tongue.gif

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Nice looking burgers Todd...may have to look into getting me one of those and do like Al...freeze a bunch up for quick meals later. GF gives me dirty looks if I even look at Feta cheese in the will have to use a diff cheese

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