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Smokeblower, yes it can be done I picked up a Brinkmann Trailmaster over the weekend for $50 šŸ˜± Anyway the insides out and added a tuning plate along with changing out the main grilling grates with expanded metal type of grill grates and also added a second grilling grate that slide out used the same method as the main grill grates expanded metal. I have the grate at the height of the smoke stack level I used 1"X1" angle iron and wedded to the inside of the cooking chamber. When I get in town over the weekend I'll send you some pictures. Looking at the post it's about 2 yrs old so I'm sure you did the mod by now.
Happy Smokin'
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Temperature probe port ? was that on Amazon ?
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Originally Posted by joes bbq ribsĀ View Post

Hello, wanted to see how covering up the smoke stack like that is working out for you? How far off the left side is that setting from the smoke stack chamber? Lastly are you holding temps a lot better with that mod/ downdraft is what I would call it. Thanks again I was trying to explain what to do to my friend but, he's not one for doing that stuff. I added a full second shelf that slides out on his brinkmann trail master and changed out his main cooking grates as well both made of expanded metal. Anyway get back to me when you get the chance

Whatever you do, don't close the stack! It should remain wide open and is never used to regulate temps. The Trailmaster is a tough one to get right, but I learned the hard way about creosote. If you close the stack, creosote gets on your food and gives you a wonky 9V battery taste. NEVER close the stack!
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Yes never close off your stack lol. With that mod on the stack I acts like a downdraft system would so the smoke has to go across the entire chamber before it get to the stack. I'm helping my friend with his Brinkmann adding a couple explained metal grill grates for the main cooking chamber and a full slide out as a second shelf along with 1/2" tuning plates, firebox basket, and add a couple of thermometers on the lower part of the lid. When I get all done for him I'll send you a couple pictures
Thanks again
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Joes bbq ribs, do you have pics of your smoker? Mainly just want to see how you did the second shelf
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Here are a couple pictures of the upgraded grill grates I made and added the slide out second shelf. I can get closer pictures tomorrow for you, working on the timing plates tomorrow as well as lightly sanding the smoker and priming it waiting for my paint to get delivered along with the 2 thermometers for the bottom of the lid. Anyway thanks for your ingred in the mod. Get back to me if you have any questions

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Looks really good, I've though about doing this for a while but never got around to it, now that I see it in yours I definitely think I'm going to
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Glad to hear that your going to go forward and did the shelf mod! I'm sure the shelf will hold at least 6 tracks of ribs nice thing is with the slide out it allows you get the meat without fighting trying to get to it. Any questions feel free to ask.
Thanks again for your comment.
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What other mods do you have done to it?
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Doing the tuning plates today with 1/2" steel, waiting for the 3" thermometers so I can place them on the bottom of the lid. I'll make a 12"X 10" basket for the firebox, a couple of door clamps I wanted to get the grill grates out of the way first all the other stuff is pretty much standard things that most people do I would think. I mean basket is good for longer burn management, thermometers just one less prone to have hanging around in side the smoke chamber, grill grates I personally think any and all smokers should have those types of grates. They hold the heat so much better then the stock grates. What's your thought any other mods that have crossed your mind?
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I don't have a picture right now I will take one when I get home, but my baffle I actually designed as a water pan also, so it holds my water which really helps the temps.
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That's my baffle
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I like that idea as I usually place a water pan underneath the grill grates for added moisture. Maybe you could get that lined with a piece of SS so you don't have to worry about rust from the water?
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I'm a new smoker guy and have just started messing with my smoker. I had one in the uk but had to leave it there but bought another here. No mods yet but will start soon.
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Okay guys I finally finished the restoration on the Brinkmann Trail Master Limited Edition. Not sure if you have seen the photos of the before or not they are posted a copy posts back. Anyway here is a list of what I have done:
Replaced both main cooking grates with 1/2" tubing and expanded metal, modified a full slide out second shelf made out of the same material as the main grilling grates, made a heat defector with 1/2" steel cut up into pieces, replaced the top thermometer and added 2 more at grate level, added a couple lock down clamps at the lower ends of the lid, replaced the cheap metal wheels with some 10" rubber wheels, and lastly repainted the entire smoker with 1800 degree paint and painted the lid in bright red. I'm going to let it sit for 72hrs want the paint to really set in before I fire it up. Take a look and tell me what you think.

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With the second rack installed how muxh space do you have in both smoking areas heightwise? Did you have to weld that rack in? Maybe i should pm you for instructions.
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I'm fairly new to using my Brinkmann Trail Master Limited Edition and need some advise. I've made some mods already the coalĀ basket the exhaust at the grate level and I really don't want to spend $100 on tuning plates. Could IĀ use fire bricks in place of tuning plates as a cheaper alternative?

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Weekend bbq guy,

Check out kick ass bbq south.com. They sell a baffle plate which will even temps in your smoker! Believe it's around $40, got one for my trail master and it works awesome!!
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Ā I went to the kick ass bbq and took a look at their baffle and could not really figure out how it works, as it is differentĀ from any other baffle I have seen. Most baffles have a 45 angle down that forces the heat towards the bottom. Can you explain in general how the kick ass baffleĀ works?

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