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I picked up my firebox from the welder last night and it looks great!  Have to give it to my Dad who suggested I look into welding it before moving forward with the other options.  Obviously I won't know anything until I light her up the first time, but for $75 bucks I am happy with the first step so far.  I added a few pics below of the end product in case you want to take a look:



Now I just need to decide which gasket (or sealant) to use in between the firebox and smoker body and it's time to light a fire and make some Q!!!   :yahoo:

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Why don't you weld the firebox to the cook chamber as well?
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Nice, I'll be watching



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I considered it, but I was worried with the heat needed (on the outside like that) it would destroy too much of the paint and I wanted to try and save that original paint for as long as possible.  If it becomes an actual issue where I can't find a good seal otherwise though, that is exactly where I am heading! 

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I have the rope gasket between mine and it works very well. But it the paint is your biggest fear I say go for it then just touch up the paint, you're gonna have to touch up your paint on the firebox on occasion anyways
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Hey Gang




Im new to the forum and even greener to smoking.....  I am looking at buying this grill/smoker with the plan to use it as a charcoal grill main section put charcoal in bottom on the racks and down the road try to learn the craft of smoking my food.   Is this a dumb idea?  I love the size of the grill/smoker and don't want to buy another setup down the road when I want to play around with smoking every now and then....  Will I for some reason kill the grill using it as a standard charcoal grill is it not worth it for that?  Help me out please....

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I use my firebox as a grill all the time. Prolly more than I use the main chamber for smoking.

It's big I can easily fit 12 NY strips, 20+ burgers, you get the idea. Then the main chamber will stay nice. Plus you can use it for the "reverse sear" method of grilling or a hot area off the direct fire.

This is a great and versatile machine for the money.

Here is a nice "reverse sear" tenderloin

If you look at that picture of that hunk of meat being seared, there is enough room for 5 of those.
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so I guess my question is the big part of the grill are you putting charcoal in or are you using the side piece to run your charcoal for just standard grilling?  Are you doing this to keep the big part free of ash?

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I never put any coal in the cooking chamber. Don't need to. I just use the firebox for grilling.
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thats great to hear that you don't need to.... does cooking it that way seem slower than a traditional charcoal grill in cooking time?   Sorry for the dumb questions.   Love the look of this grill want to be able to use it as a charcoal grill 80% of the time and 20% smoke with it.  I also don't want to extend my cooking times if I am going to use it as a charcoal grill.

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Cook slow? Does that picture look like a slow fire?

For me the firebox is plenty big as a grill.

Plus with that ash drawer, it's very easy to clean.
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Bear with me..... I come from the land of gas grills......  I know its a nasty word.  I am here because I want switch over and use charcoal and smoking methods and know neither about both.

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If you go back and read some of my older posts, some right in this thread, you will see that I also came off a 10 or so year gas run. Went back to charcoal just last spring. Been through two smokers in one summer.

I use the grill 70% of the time. Unless your cooking for a team, it's plenty big for my family of five and our friends too.
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cool thanks man,  The whole thing is new to me.....  I was lost when you said you used the firebox for grilling...  I am assuming running just charcoal and cooking in food in the main chamber....  I will head back to the beginning of the thread and reread it all.  Thanks!

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My same standard boring answer - but high temp FD approved silicon sealer is outstanding - handles temps  in excess of 600 degrees, easy to use, can be removed and replaced easily of you  wan to paint, or just paint over it. Since the SFB is mated to the grill, it makes a leak proof seal as well. I have used it on al three of my grills and smokers and  works like a charm - inexpensive  on eBsy.

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I use my gas grill or, when visiting  my Mom hers, to smoke with problems. You do  get much easier  zone control heating since you can only use the burner(s) that  let you match the temp, and not hard to get a chip box on the burner for the smoke. If making a move to charcoal and looking for a starter system, I used and modified a Char Griller Side Fire Box for a mini smoker to see if I even liked smoking meats, and after finding out I do, I moved y up to a used Smokin' Pros (I like the Char Grillers construction) for a low cost entry system and have been learning on it. So, with less than $100 investment I  can smoke easily.

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I'm looking at adding the Horizon convection plate to my Brinkman. Do I get the 16" or 20"? Also do you have to do any modification to it? I've seen other posts and pictures where people placed plates on top of the holes. Any information would greatly be appreciated.

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From what I understand you want the 16" plate for the Brinkmann - when you go to the Horizon site I believe they reference the smokers that each plate is good for to help as well.  And if you can get one of their service reps on the phone they are extremely helpful, but you may need to dial in a few times to reach someone in my experience.  Good luck! 

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I have steel plates in the bottom of mine that way I can actually TUNE mine. I keep within 5 degrees across the chamber. 

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Thanks for the help

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