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Thank you so much, the amount of info that you posted in this thread alone is awesome and has helped me tune my brinkmann.  Good job and well done!

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That's why I do it! Glad it's helped you. I've learned a lot from the kind folks here as well.

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Originally Posted by BigBlueSmoker View Post

So, I've been having some issues with sealing the lid area of the firebox and wanted to see what everyone else is doing to seal theirs.

I've tried the silicone rout so far and that basically burned off the first time through. I just went with the Nomex self adhesive high temp gasket but haven't had a chance to try it yet. I have a feeling it won't resist the high heat of that area so im looking for a plan B just incase.

I was thinking about the Rutland 2k degree cement with the flat gasket rope. Has anyone had any success with that? I've seen it where people have also riveted the rope instead of using the cement.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I used the Rutland 2k cement and flat ribbon fire retardant rope with good results. Have to replace it sometimes but I'm ok with that.
Also I put small toggle clamps in the firebox lid to press it down.
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Anybody ever seen or retro-fitted themselves a pellet burner to a Brinkmann BTLE?

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Anybody burn mini logs only in their Brinkman Trailmaster Limited Edition? Kind of like a stick burner.

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What do you mean by "mini logs"?

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Originally Posted by GlennMc View Post

What do you mean by "mini logs"?


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Originally Posted by Mossberg531 View Post



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I use those all the time.  get them from Outdoor world in orlando.  The only problem I have had with them is they burn fast.  You will go thru quite a bit of them on a long smoke.  I usually supplement them with a large chunk of oak in my minion box.

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A big thanks to all who have put up priceless and valuable information about this smoker. I have done most mods so far. Seasoned smoker with bacon/turkey grease last week. :o) Did chicken legs for the first cook. Came out nice. Had to watch the fire because my smoke would fluctuate between thick white and thin blue... using mainly oak and hickory with a few cherry chunks towards the end of the cook...but i'm learning more and more about burns/temps/woods/air...etc..etc..many thanks to all who have helped. Here are a few pics...


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Great Job !   Mods look good, Chicken even better



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a few more pics..Big thanks also goes out to k-ray on youtube for posting excellent how-to videos.

the plates...

my oak stack. Fresh cut logs on top, older logs on bottom.

bacon/turkey grease..MMMM

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I know you are getting excited now !



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Nice man, I enjoy the hell out of mine also. You'll get the more smoke when the new logs catch fire. I've never had it cause an issue or negativity effect the taste of my Q. Even the big guys have to deal with it so I don't concern myself with it.
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Looks good, I've done a couple smokes on mine and I love it, working on the tuning plates now, have you noticed pretty consistent temps with the tuning plates?
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I have the same plates in mine and I hold about 4 degrees across the chamber.
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thanks all! wow that's great to hear! I have 1/4 steel plates.

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I really like mine too, except it looks like this now!

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I have only smoked legs on it once, so I couldn't really tell you if the temps are consistent or not, nor do I have a thermometer yet. I bet that some of the veterans could answer that question.

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Going to try this out on the old Brinkman. May bring it back to life.

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