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I placed the actual baffle about 2"-3" above the firebox. Hope that helps, sounds as clear as mud now that I am re-reading it



Good move, you are 100% correct that you will get extra radiant heat if the flame can reach the bottom side of the baffle plate. 2 to 3 inchs is plenty to make it work correct.


Nice work.

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are you goin to paint it or leave it the way it is???


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Sorry guys, it has been too long since an update. Had some major computer issues but that has been worked out. I pulled the rig outside, jacked her up, and started sandblasting.




Did I mention I HATE to sandblast. I have only done it a couple of times in my life and I am still digging sand out of places my wife doesn't even know I have. Anyway, turned out great but I wanted to get some paint on that badboy ASAP before she started to rust.
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Looking great. Glad to see you are back online and getting to the paint stage.

Can't wait to see it painted(probably not as bad as you).

Keep us posted with the progress.
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Glad to hear the comp is back up and running. 


The rig looks fantastic. It wont be long now.

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Man it's really looking good!

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Excellent work!  Love the table over the fire box and the way you used angle on the rack guides with the top piece to secure when pulled out.  Going to start doing that myself.

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Paint?!?!!?  Leaving me drooling in anticipation man!  A really nice build you have going on there.

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Cant wait to see how this bad boy turns out. Looks great so far. What is the clearance on the firebox? You are gonna have to be careful going in and out of driveways. You might want to look at a set of removable wheels from a trailer store for the firebox.  They help keep if from scraping

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Bump! Where is the paint?!

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Any updated pics after the paint job?
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i like paint.............if you painted it pink we will understand.........well...maybe not!   wheres the paint?

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