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First Ribs this season with Qview

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Alright folks, between the massive amounts of snow this winter and a school i had to go to, this is my first real smoke of the season. I am doing some ribs today with my own dry rub and sauce ( That reminds me, i need to make a new batch) Anyway the ribs have been one for about an hour and I will work hard to make sure that i post some pics on here in the next hour. So sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

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Looking forward to seek g the Qview
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waiting for pics.

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Sorry it took a while folks. I was working on making a new batch of sauce and the neighbor came over. Guess what i forgot the sauce. I think i saved it but we will see. Anyway here are a couple of shots at around the three hour marker just after i re-seasoned. Next time i will take some before i season.




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Don't stop now your on a roll
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Things are still coming along. The cold and wind are really messing with my temps but i think i am in the final strect now!!!



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nice looking ribs

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Those ribs are looking GREAT...What kind of wood are you using? Can't wait to see the finished pics!!!!

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Man O Man them are some great looking bones.. I can smell them from here nice jobLooks-Great.gif

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Great looking chow!!



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Great so far! Are they done yet?  30.gif

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tisk tisk, there are no seasons in q'ing! :)

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