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Poblano Sausage

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I took out my last pack of Poblano sausage I had in the freezer and made meatballs the other night. They could be considered an appetizer but I guess if you eat enough of them you won't have an appetite anymore. I like them with my Chipolte mayo dip. Spicy.


Anyway, while I was smoking a Pastrami today (posted on the Beef board) and I decided to whip up another 5 lbs. Here is a pic. I usually don't stuff this since I like meatballs made from it and sometimes just fry up some with eggs for breakfast tacos.


I used Ruhlmann's recipe and it has turned out great everytime.


Poblano Sausage.jpg

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Awesome dude! I like the heat too. Do you have a recipe to share?

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That sounds good...i'm with AL i really like poblano peppers alot too ..would you mind sharing the recipe????

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sounds tasty!

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Looks great!!



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