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First 2 uds built w/ ribs and shoulder

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Here is the first 2 uds i built. 2011-03-06 08.38.56.jpg2011-03-05 18.00.50.jpg

no pics of the inside due to meat being smoked in them today.

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Nice looking drum build!  Let's us know how your smoke goes.

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Nice job! looking forward to your first smoke!

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Thanks! Just pulled the pork shoulders off both smokers, the ribs still have 2 hrs to go.

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this is what i cooked on the first run of my 2 uds, of the 4 diffrent smokers i have this one is the most user friendly one i have used.

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Man that Q looks great the uds looks good to nice jobicon14.gif

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Hey....I Recognize those drums!!


And you didn't even call when dinner was done.


How'd the meat smoke compared to your other smokers?


Looks Great Roy!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Looks like the drums turned out great. So did you like how they run? One thing I would suggest you do is get those drums up off of the cement on the driveway in the cold MN weather. I have heard horror stories of people's cement blowing up from the heat. You don't need a big hole in your driveway. I have a few caster type things I found at a local hardware sore or just a few bricks works good to just to get it up off the cement. We put a piece of plywood under our UDS last summer to save the lawn from burning a hole and the plywood kept smoldering so the bottoms can get pretty warm.

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Very  nice!!!



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Great looking drum & great looking Q. I like that basting brush your using too. Where did you get it?

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Thanks everyone! 



Todd forgot to call you. OOOOP's The wife thinks the ribs from the uds are better than any other smoker that i use. I really like using the uds easy control and very flavorful.


Al i got a whole set with the spatula, tongs and brush as a gift from my folks. I will find out where they got them from and pm you with the info.


Ross when i did a season burn on sat, nite i had it on the icy part of a driveway and the bottom was luke warm so i did it on the cement with no problems. Trying to get some bases built for them just ran out of time.

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Nice drums and Q!!

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It all looks great, welcome to the ugly side. banana_smiley.gif

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That Q is making me hungry, show us a pic of the inside!  Love that bright red glaze.

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Very nice


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Looks Great!!!!!  Awesome job. The food is looking pretty tasty.


I love the look of the drums having smooth sides. 


I had a charcoal thingy sitting on the curb warming up a fresh batch of coals one day and WAM!!!!!   Sounded like a gun shot, and it took out concrete about an inch deep the size of the coal thingy. 

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Lemme just tell ya...this boy is "smokin crazy" a good way....his garage is FULL of smoking equipment, mostly UDS's.  Man I thought I was addicted.  Anyway, just bought my offset smoker from Smokingeagle, and am going to be painting it up and doing a smoke on it here pretty soon.


Great looking UDS's Roy!




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