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First attempt at roast beef

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After seeing all of the pictures of roast beef I had to give it a try.


My first attempt...........


3 Lbs. sirloin, seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning, garlic powder and onion powder.


3 pound sirloin







Two hours at 230F, internal temp at 140, used hickory chips for smoke.  I was expecting this to take 4 to 6 hours based on other posts. I double checked the temp with two different thermometers and it was a solid 140.  I was hoping the outside would have been a little darker.








Then it snowed, again.





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Great job there Joe, good thing you got it done before the snow started. Looks like it will make some great sammies.

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Very nice! I have mine planned for a Tuesday smoke - if all goes as planned. 

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Nice!!!......but where's my sammie...i've been looking,and i can't seem to find it!!!! LOL

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Nice job, if it taste right the blind man don't care what it looks like. 439.gif

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Looks delicious.



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nice job looks great:)

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Even if the outside doesn't have as much bark as you wanted those are still going to make some awesome sandwiches.

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Something else i will have to add to my basement to do list !! Looks good to me !

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that looks very good, I want me a roast beef sammie

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