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First Smoke With Jeff's Rub And Sauce Recipies

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   I got Jeff's Recipies yesterday and just had to try em.

   I smoked 2 butts, several chicken breasts, 4 cheese mac & cheese, and BBQ beans.

I must say I was impressed. Used mustard to make the rub stick and put the rub on heavy. I misted every hour with a 3 to 1 mix of apple juice and bourbon and did it ever build some tasty bark. Let the juice from the butts drip on the chicken and beans, what a difference. Then I had to try SoFlQuer's finishing sauce when I pulled the pork. WOW!!!! These guys on SMF really do know what their talking about when it comes to preparing some great eats.

Check out the Qview.100_0932.jpg100_0937.jpg



OH OH Someone snitched some Mac & Cheese!!!





WOW, Look At The Bark!!!




Gosh, I'm Gettin Hungry.




I'm fixin ta EAT100_0942.jpg



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Great spread! Looks like you did everything right!


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You live in Florida? How can we do a taste test?


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Hey great job there my friend. I'm just down the road a piece, what times dinner?

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This is on another thread, and below is what I said there too:



Everything looks AWESOME !!!!!!


Beautiful Bark!!


Did you find out who ripped off the Mac & Cheese?   police2.gif

Are there any suspects? ---Any leads?




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Better hurry for the taste test. It's going fast.


The investigation isn't getting anywhere on the Mac & Cheese thief, but then again, I'm the one investigating.police2.gif    devil.gif

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I shoulda known !!

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Nice Q!! It all looks great
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Hey Bearcarver, Let me just say THANK YOU for your service!!!

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Nice job!  icon14.gif


Jeff's rub and sauce are my favorites.


However; I gotta say DANG IT JEFF! Everytime I turn around I'm outta sauce. 102.gif


Can you fix that?

Double batchs only work for a short time      pot.gif

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Great looking Q my friend.. nice jobicon14.gif

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Ron, now that's a good looking spread, it all looks good!  That is some of the best looking PP I have seen in a while. By the way what happened to the chicken?  Same thing that happened to the Mac and Cheese? I hope you enjoyed it half as much as I did looking at it, if so, it was one great meal! Keep up the good work!


Your SMF Friend,

Barry  biggrin.gif

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Awesome chow!!



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Originally Posted by Rubbin Butts View Post

Hey Bearcarver, Let me just say THANK YOU for your service!!!

Thanks Ron, but no need.


I get more than enough in return, when I get to view all the great Qview!


Clogging my head with pictures of great food takes up memory space on my old PA Dutch Hard drive!  That's a good thing.




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Looks great. Though i have to say you are missing the Slaw.

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Nice spread. Looks delish!

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