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Man I hate to complicate your question by adding another colour but I prefer the Black Oak that I get for free growing high up on the Mountain. We get a pickup load whenever we hunt Mule deer along the USA/Canadian border country each fall. It seems to be a little stronger with a slightly better taste than the White. Having said that I have never tried red oak although I had one growing in my front yard at my old house. The City planted hundreds of English Oak along the river canal and some other streets in town and I am hoping to beg for some next fall when they prune.


For Pork I like apple, cherry, plum, apricot, grape, any of the fruit woodsI got 25 lbs of pecan which I like but have run out of it now.

For beef I like Hickory with a touch of mesquite.





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For my GOSM, cherry.


For my Stickburner, whatever is seasoned enough to burn (cherry, and Hickory)


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if i could only choose ONE wood to smoke with it would have to be pecan. that being said i like apple, hickory and cherry.

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I like Hickory or Mesquite...

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90 % Hickory with 10 % Mesquite. I just don't run the smoke to long.

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My base wood is maple, then I add others depending what flavour I'm after.

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I use pecan and oak mostly in my Chargriller they are the most available free wood in my area. I use the pecan dust in my MES for sausage and  hickory for most everything else in the MES. Just starting to experiment with apple, cherry, maple.

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hickory with peach and cherry

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 I like a mixture of 2/3 pecan and 1/3 apple.

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I have been using hickory and pecan chunks 50/50, gotta love that smell and taste. Sometimes I'll use cherry for butts. 

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