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Todays smoke

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Well today I will be smoking a brisket and a butt. Haven't been on here in awhile due to major changes in my life. Started going to college and got promotion at work..woohoo I am now a Deputy for the Sheriff's Office, so my life revolves around school and sleep.



Nice to relax and inhale the aroma of the smoker. Will have qview

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Congrats on the promotion. Now lets see some of that Qview.

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Glad to hear that everything is good for you. Now get that smoker going and don't forget to get the camera out!

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Welcome can't wait to see some Qviewth_INGardenbbq7.gif

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I have just recently learned that sometimes in life no matter how busy or sleepy you are, you just need to stop and smell the flowers.....

or smoke LOL. Life is every short, not to enjoy the little things every now and them.

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congrats on the promotion and welcome back........

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Congrats on the promotion! Let's see the BBQ.....
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