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corned beef -> pastrami

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Just a reminder -- this is the time of year when corned beed tends to go on sale.  Remember to pick up some extras so that you can turn them into pastrami.


One of our local stores advertised points at $1.49 instead of the usual $3 plus.  Next week might even bring better sales as St. Patrick's day approaches.

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I'm going to check Walmart today.

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Great idea, I know last year Costco were selling them really cheap around this time.

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Heading to price chopper today to check it out..sausage.gif

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Looked yesterday. Still at $2.39. Maybe next week.

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I can't wait.  Picked mine up last year at $1.38/LB!  Wish I had bought more.  I won't make that same mistake this year.


Good luck and good smoking!




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I am planning on filling up the freezer with them this year. They aren't on sale yet but I am patiently waiting. popcorn.gif

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There are a couple of stores around here that have corned beef for about $1.50/lb. and I was thinking about picking some up for pastrami.Do you freeze them in the package they are packed in? How long will they last in the freezer?

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The lowest sale price around here is $2.79/lb Food prices are high here in nc and we pay tax on food    head-wall.gif

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First ads came out this week.  $1.47/lb for points and $2.17/lb for flats.  I hope to find a little better price for flats.


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Originally Posted by Venture View Post

First ads came out this week.  $1.47/lb for points and $2.17/lb for flats.  I hope to find a little better price for flats.


Wish I could find points.  Most prepared corned beefs are mostly flats with a little point attached.


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I'm paying $2.50 for corned beef flats in my area. Typically they're 2 1/2- 3lb hunks pre seasoned & cryo packed. All ready for either boiling for corned beef, or smoking for pastrami.

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They have flats on sale here for $2.99lb and points for $1.99lb.  Haven't seen any prices on whole packers...


I'm going to stock up.

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Well, we bought some point cuts on sale at $1.49 per pound.   One of them was cooked immediately for an early corned beef and cabbage.  The others went into the freezer to turn into pastrami later on this month.


The point that we cooked was VERY disappointing.  I've had point cut corned beef before that had a major fat line running through the middle with lean meat on either side.  That is ok.  This one was quite different.  It had a small fat cap, but the meat portion itself was more than 50% fat.  Threads of meat surrounded by fat.  No way to get the fat out that we could figure out.  We did not like it at all.


I've never had a point cut that was like that.  How about the rest of you?


I'm worried about the other points that we put into the freezer, although they are rectangular in shape rather than with a point like this one was.

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