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Just curious

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I posted a relatively long introduction in the roll call forum with pictures and it said it had to wait for approval.

Is it something that was probably lost on the interwebz and I need to redo it or is it like smoking and I just need to have more patience? lol


(It was posted early this morning)


No big deal, I just didn't want people thinking I was rude and entering the house without introducing myself. :)




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patience grasshopper...



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Originally Posted by fpnmf View Post

patience grasshopper...



LOL, ok...figured. :D


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Welcome to the SMF family!

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It has now been approved I guess most of the Mods and Admins have had a busy day today like I did. Sorry it took so long

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Welcome to SMF!

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welcome to SmF nice to have ya.

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It is part of the training,police2.gif  patience and you will be rewaredwazzapp.gif

Have fun and remember to,

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