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Pabst Blue Ribbon. If I don't have that I drink whiskey. I'm a die hard.
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Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin'


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Dont have a favorite, am a bit of a beer snob. but my "go to" is pizza port (san diego) swamis ipa. Great ipa always fresh at store and best bang for buck to boot. Generally about 11.99 a 6 pack of pints...cant beat it
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Labatt Blue Light

Miller Lite

Those are my two favs, but I can drink most any beer that's cold

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I can't understand why IPAs are so popular. I can't stand the taste. I am typically a Lager guy, but in recent years (since making this post), I have started to enjoy some darker brews, especially Porters. 

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It took me a handful of times to ease into ipas. First two times out of bittle hated them. Took cicerone certification (beer server) classes at work and learned about which hops give what qualities. Some hoppy lagers then began enjoying ipas. Now a fanatic.

I love barrel aged beers too. A bourbon barrel aged stout is heavenly...but at $15 to dont even wnt to say, theyre a special occasion beer for me
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I guess im just a boring ole budweiser guy, lol.
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I still drink bud...but grab a banquet more often since my departure from AB...lol wearing it today though
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Rogue Hazelnut Chocolate stout, Ciders(I know not beer), something cold of quality, But in no way a corona nasty stuff.

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Don`t be a hater but in this order. 


1. Free Bud Light

2. Standard price Bud Light

3. Expensive Bud light

4. Expensive Bud Light I have to drive a long way to get.

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Fuller's ESB

Founder's Dirty Bastard


Sierra Nevada Pale Ale




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My daughter works for a distributor and my beer fridg. is over flowing with IPA`s and other stuff. If you live close to me stop by and have all you want to try. That is a sincere offer if you are close to Boonville In. She brings things home after promos. It was OK at first because my friends could keep up but now I only have a small hole for my Bud Light. I don`t like the other stuff but I am not going to throw beer away!

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I've been brewing beer for over 20 years. I'm a bit of a seasonal beer drinker. I like porters and stouts in the winter, blonde and pale ales in the summer. My overall favorites are IPAs. I drink them year round and more than any other style. 

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I love the 2 month window for stout weather here
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Tried Pinedrops ipa by Deschutes last night, goof stuff. Hop Hunter has become my go to beer for the spring and summer. With fall coming I will start drink rye beers with a switch to porters and stouts as the weather gets colder. Some of my favorites



Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter

Founders Centennial

Southern Tier 2XIPA

Stone Ruination

Sierra Nevada Torpedo


Rye Ales:

Founders Red's Rye

Southern Tier 2XRye

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye



Founders Porter

Smuttynose Robust Porter



Southern Tier 2XStout

North Coast Old Rasputin

Southern Tier Choklat

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You don't put your location in your sig so it's hard to know what's local to you and what might be hard to find, but any beer from this brewery is top shelf:



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@m00se I live in central illinois. Ive never heard of that brewery. I am in a rural area so I have to drive a distance to get any decent beers. I am going to take a look and see what I can find. Thanks for the tip.

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I'm kind of proud that this thread is going strong for five years now lol

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Originally Posted by thedood View Post

@m00se I live in central illinois. Ive never heard of that brewery. I am in a rural area so I have to drive a distance to get any decent beers. I am going to take a look and see what I can find. Thanks for the tip.

Tell your beer guy to source whatever beer you're interested in. Chances are, there'll be other folks just as interested as you are and it's a win/win for everybody.

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There are very few beers I've found that I don't like.  A well crafted brew is usually good to me.  I may prefer one over another in a certain situation,but I just like the taste of beer.

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