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Longganisa lucban Sausage

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Ok, this might not be the right place to ask this, but has anyone made Longganisa lucban sausage? This is a fantastic sausage for any occasion.....My wife is from the philippines and she buys it here locally but I want to make it to my liking......If you never had this sausage. Go to an asian market and ask for this sausage...I will guarantee you will eat this in every meal....If someone made this please share your experience...thanks

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Aloha G,


The filipino longanisa that are  commercially available  here in the islands are usually on the sweet side.  I guess each region in the Philippines has its own flavor profile.  The one that I am familiar with has more garlic and cane vinegar taste to it. Is that what you are after?

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Nope, Never heard of that one...

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 This is a recipe from Len Poli's site, not sure if it's anything like what you're looking for but worth a shot. Sounds alittle like Old Poi Dogs sausage description.



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MMM, sounds interesting.

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Thanks for sharing.

Looks like an interesing sausage.



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