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So i was watching "the best thing i ever ate" guilty pleasures. and this guy is making pulled pork pizza... wow its good!! homemade bbq sauce!! enjoy!!IMG_0662.JPG

this is the ppp uncooked!






smoked chicken!! before the bake!!


and cooked...very good!! enjoy!


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Great looking pizza!! We love em around here,make em all the time..try some pulledpork nachos next!!!!

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I watched that episode also,they kinda skimped on the pork didnt they,Yours looks alot to share the recipe

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i just made some crust, pizza sauce, cheese, then took the pulled pork added bbq sauce and more cheese. and baked!! and broiled a couple minutes to brown the top. i thought they skimped on the pp also....but like he said the tomato sauce and the bbq sauce compliment each other!!

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Man O Man that looks good.. nice job

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Thanks its definatly a keeper!! It's good!!!!sausage.gifdrool.gif
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Looks Great, we make them all the time and love them...

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Well it looks like you have done a fine job there Shaker. Now you have made the dough and then used the bbq sauce and the pulled pork the only thing I see left for you to do is to smoke one. It fun just turn the smoker up alittle more and your in there.


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Honestly i think BBQ pulled pork pizza might be my fav thing about making pulled pork. It tastes so good. I also watched that episode and it started the craving.


Also you can try and put a little slaw on top about 5 mins before its done. That is really good also.

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i know, thought about smoking in the traeger! but my wife is a real good sport on letting me smoke on my weekends, which is 4 days one week and 3 the next!! maybe next time!

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I too saw it - and made it the following day. It is my go-to pizza, and will occasionally switch it up, but man.. PPP is hella good! 



What's your homemade BBQ sauce like?

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its jeffs bbq sauce, but i add more hot stuff and a few shots of yeager!! and whatever floats my boat at the time. 

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Nice job shhaker! Kind of partial to the square pie's myself. JMHO. :)  I ran to the feezer and found some PP so the gears are turning. points.gif

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