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another corned beef pastrami thread!

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getting ready for the upcoming  St. Patrick's day I decided to do some corned beef and Pastrami.

I picked up 2 full packers and had one in the freezer that a buddy gave me when he butchered.

total weight about 28#

I trimmed 7# of fat off total and mixed up my brine. I use a modified recipe out or Rytek's book

I add some garlic and Bay leaves.

will brine them for 10 days then separate the points for corned beef and cabbage and smoke the flats into pastrami

here is what I started withbriskets 001.jpg

after trimming and ready for the brinebriskets 002.jpgbriskets 003.jpg

Stay tuned!

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Great start! Can't wait for final pics!! I just finished my first pastrami today and love it!

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Great start.. Bet that is going to be greaticon14.gif

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Can't wait!   cheers.gif

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As another Irishman myself yur are really getting prepared for it this year. It looks awesome so far.

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OK, they brine cured for 11 days. they are out of the brine soaking right now

will post pics of what they look like and the fry test in a little while

stay tuned!

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Can't wait to see the finish.

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corned beef and pastrami 001.jpg

fry test

OK I got the briskets all rinsed and soaked, did the fry test and it was perfect

I separated the points and flats. The points and part of one flat will be simmered with

cabbage an potatoes. one flat is being slow roasted for deli style sliced  corned beef and

the other flats are being smoked into pastrami.

I just put them in the smoker with cherry and pecan

I will pull and foil them @160 then finish in my slow roast oven to 180

it will all get refrigerated over night and sliced tomorrow.

corned beef and pastrami 002.jpg

points and flats separated. I got good cure all the way through

corned beef and pastrami 005.jpg

pastrami ready for the smoker

corned beef and pastrami 003.jpg

flats I am slow roasting.

stay tuned


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Man I love this time of year. I go nuts over corned beef and pastrami.

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Me too Ross!

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finished up late last night and didnt get too many pics

but here is a shot of the pastrami. I didnt take a pic of the roasted corned beef

and forgot this morning until it was all packaged but it all turned out great

I will post again when I do my corned beef and cabbage

thanks for watching

corned beef and pastrami 007.jpg

just out of the smoker before I foiled them

corned beef and pastrami 011.jpg

pastrami sliced and packaged

below is the corned beef sliced



corned beef and pastrami 009.jpg

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Glad I'm going to lunch in a couple minutes. That's making me real hungry. Looks perfect.

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Man that looks soooo good
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