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I have since removed that Lead weight. It was more for holding the burner where I wanted it while I mounted the gas control valve on the outside of the cabinet. I did bolt a piece of 1/4" thick piece of steel to my burner leg to hold the burner in position.


Nope No Hard Lead in with m,y cooking. Not quite ready to meet my maker yet.

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Hi Nepas

My warmer will not heat that water pan hot enough to burn chips or pellets, I don't even use that water tray in mine at all. When I use water for moisture, I just set a pan of water in above my        AMN-Ps.


When I got this warmer, some one had already taken the fan out of it, and from what I was told, thats why the local school district got rid of the warmer, I do use the electric portion for cold smoking along with the AMN-P from TJ.


When I do pepperoni which is what I make the most of, I turn on the electric heat element full to preheat the cabinett. When its warm I  hang the sticks in for about an hour just to dry them good, I some times set my AMN-P in at this time with the pellets not lit, just to help to make sure any dampness may be dried as well.


Once the stix are dry to my touch, I turn off the electric element and light the gas burner and the AMN-Ps and get the heat stabilized to the temps I want and let er go till they are done.

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Regwill, Yes I found I needed to put in some ventilation since I was using a gas burner inside the unit.


I cut and installed a 4 x 10 inch adjustable floor furnuce heat register pretty near center in the top, and also one the same size in the bottom 12" of the door.  These registers come in handy to help control the heat also. I have at times to make small heat adjustments mearly opened wider or closed the one in the door a little bit, surprisinf how much control can be gained by limiting the air draft through the unit.



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Thanks for the response.  Can you post pics of the air intakes?  And where did you acquire the gas insert?  Thanks for your time

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Reg, here are the pictures of the air vents I installed in my food warmer smoker, the white one is in the lower door, the brown one is in the top, and the third picture is the gas valve that I scavenged from an old Nat Gas Barbque.


I bought the burner at Home DePot, it is just a barbque replacement burner for a barbque. I tried to match the burner size to the ols burner that had been in the barbque that I took the valve from.PICT3840.JPGPICT3838.JPGPICT3839.JPG

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Looks-Great.gif nice job

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I'm trying my best to buy an insulated food warmer/holding cabinet, but they're going for too much $$$

I really don't care if the controls or element works, cuz I want to use a PID Controller with a strip[heater.


Great thread!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks. I picked up a cres-cor warmer for $15, with heating element removed.  Looking to turn it into smoker/warmer to hold ribs for ribfest.  Interior is aluminum, but dont think it will be a problem at temps not to exceed 250, at least I hope.  Going to try your design and see how it operates.  Once again, Thanks 

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What temperature does the cabinet heat to without the extra element?
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