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enclosure 002.jpg

enclosure 003.jpg

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That's because of the image tag on the end. It added it to the link.[/IMG]. You should just paste the link in the reply. Then it will work.

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Nice enclosure BTW.

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Thanks Scott,

Below is why I wanted to see the pics. I thought it sounded familiar.

My Son's MES 40 below. Container was on a great sale at Home Depot:


photo-2 copy.jpg


Good job Hiram!



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Apparently, couldn't remember how I uploaded he last pics, over at the other smokers forum you have to use photobucket. I did a reply right after that one with just the pics from my HD but, it said since I was "new" a moderator would have to OK them so I guess we'll just have to wait. I would rather upload from my HD it makes it so much easier. 

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Thanks for all the great ideas. I am back out on the road for work so I have fired it up to season it, but not much more. I am hoping to get something in there when I get back.


My original thought for the warmer months was to make a little wooden shed type thing for it and kind of attach or secure it to the deck. No wi am rethinking the attachment part and thinking maybe making the enclosure a little more mobile. Unfortunately these ideas will take time I do not have at the moment due to work stuff, so may look for a temporary solution until I can figure out something more final.


That particular MES thread with all the awards and stuff was great and ahs given me many ideas. Thanks for that, and for everything you guys have sent.


Just ordered my AMNS. Hopefully I will actually get to use it some day.

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