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Is there any bathroom hand soap which is more recommended than others for guys working with meat?

Just wondering...  I don't want soap residue in the meat... But I also want everyone to wash their hands

with soap afterwords...  I know a good rinse under hot water after soaping works, but I just thought

maybe there was a special kind of soap which was either less likely to cause an issue in the sausage,

or washed off more quickly and easily...   Right now I just have one of those 'foaming' dispensers in there...

Seems to work good, but I thought I'd ask the gang here in case anyone knows anything about this...

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Check Butcher and Packer for supplies....
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Originally Posted by Nakom View Post

I have a meat grinder from Northern Tool and i put it in the dish washer to make sure it was good and clean after use and it come out of the dish washer black and it comes off on your hands.  Not sure how to get it off and get it back to the silver it should be.  Nothing is wrong with the dishwasher so no clue what happened.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



some tip i have read:

1. Disassemble Before Washing

2. Hand Wash

3. Proper Storage


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