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Interesting way to smoke ribs

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Hmmm different. the curling them does make more room, never seen that before
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I've seen that before, It would be similar to using a rib rack. I think the ribs turn out better laying flat, but if your short on space & don't have a rib rack, this seems like a good method.

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Hmmmm... I mean i guess if you are short on space...

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When camping, the old portable ECB can come in handy.


More than one way to skin a cat.  I don't know about the 4 hour thing, but I haven't used the ECB in a while either?


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I have done this before. The ribs still taste good but they are not pretty when done. I would do it again if I was in a bind for grill space. But I'm with Al I prefer them flat

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