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Case Qty.

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For those of you that buy BBR from sams, how much is in the CASE? How much does it weigh? I can get them cheaper by the case, but have NO idea how much I will be getting. ANy help will be appreciated!!
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ALSO...are the IBP ribs @ sams previously frozen?  TIA



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I'd call them and ask.

My nephew used to work in the meat department at Sams and said they freeze just about everything. The ground meat is just the chub packs passed through the grinder. I looked several times and the per lb prices listed where the same for either case or the cryovac packs. I want to say a case of ribs is 6 cryovacs but I am really pulling this from a distant memory. If the individual cryovacs are not that much more expensive I would do that and select the individual packs.
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