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Just used my MES for the first time on some spares. Started with vent half way open. Not much smoke and not as TBS as I would like, read where you can open side feeder for more air. Will try that next time, also have a AMNS I going to try.  No smoke ring and weak smoke flavor. The first 4 hours it looked like a rain forest inside on my window. Never ran out of water and didnt wrap in foil. Opened up vent all the way in last hour seemed like the rain forest stoped, maybe ribs were done then. Ribs were fall off the bone, were moist but not as moist as I thought they would be. Where do you run your vent at? 

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Wide open when smoking, close it when not smoking or for storage.
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Closed when pre heating and open before adding chips . Wide open till i foil then i close it if it has quit smoking.

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Sounds like you have your answer.

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Thanks everyone, will try next time on a brisket.

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My damper is usually 3/4 to full open, when smoking with the AMNS.  I pull the chip tray back about an inch and that helps with the humidity in the unit.

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Good post just what I was looking for.

Thanks everyone.


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