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Antelope appy in bacon

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Just an experiment, they are good, the bacon just soaked up too much smoke flavor I think, so next time less smoke, and or less bacon. They have a little garlic powder on them. One plate was just bacon with garlic powder, another plate had some Yoshida's on the loper, the final one had some soy sauce on the loper.  Yoshida's was the best.


Tomorrow Ill be smoking some Antelope jerky, Ill start a new thread for that one.





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Nice!  Haven't seen antelope on the site yet.  Never had any speed goat, but keep expecting to fumble into some sooner or later with friends in antelope country.  Looking forward to hearing about the jerky!

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Man, site is so slow its hard to use anymore!  The loper jerky was ok, it dried out super fast, good flavor though, just have to adjust the time in the smoker is all.  Duck is still one of my favorite jerky's to smoke!

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