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Traeger Conversion

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I am getting a new body from Traeger here in the next few days, and they have asked me to dispose of the used body. Hearing that from them has got the gears a turning. I have been thinking about turning the old body into a "side fire box" style smoker, or perhaps turning it on end and making a vertical smoker.

The only thing wrong with the current body is the paint is coming off. Other than that it is structurally sound. A little media blasting, build or purchase a fire box, modify the smoke stack, misc. modifying to the guts, make a couple legs, and that should be about it.

Anyrate, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! grilling_smilie.gif
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GO for it!! I love seeing good stuff made from someone elses toss aways. Pics please

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I'm definitely going to give it a shot. Worse-case scenario, I end up with a pile of slag when I'm done.

Still kicking around ideas regarding the fire box. Thought about buying the add-on firebox for a brinkmann grill...but the outlet is on the opposite side. Plus, it just doesn't seem to have the overall capacity I need. Just slightly under a 1/3 of the smoking chamber. I'll probably end up framing one together with angle iron and heavy guage sheet metal, or finding an old compressor tank or something similar.

I'll post a couple pics once I get going...I'm still waiting on the new body to arrive, but A.D.D. is starting to kick in. biggrin.gif
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Can't wait to see it!

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