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new 40 doesn't work

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New 40 MES yesterday at sams, last one. Got it for $298. Put her together and went to fire it up. Guess what NO HEAT. needless to say, put a very bad taste in my mouth (pun intended) sams has display model for $50 off  have more coming but don't know when. What to do what to do. REALLY want an Amerique but can't (read wife) justify. Suggestions please.  

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Does any of it work??? Display etc...



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It was 2 deg last night. Got my stuff prepared to smoke. Fired up the MES 30 and ########  No Heat.


I forgot to set the timer..... No heat...... Hope that is your problem

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Go buy what you want and deal with the short term fury LOL - Been thru more of those than you can imagine! But I have my toys and she enjoys them too

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What was the outside Temp when you tried to fire it up...  I have seen where sometimes if it is too cold out you may need to place hot water in the water pan to get the inside temp up before it will fire up...

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Better to ask for forgiveness than permission!


It's gotta be a simple fix




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks Dave, I'm an idiot if all else fails read instructions. Now, wet or dry chips? Will prolly try ribs or chuckies first. Would rather not foil, don't know. Water pan full or no? So many questions so little rum. (okay got plenty O rum and beer and whiskey and vodka etc etc   

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Dry Chips


Full Water Pan



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Ribs = 3-2-1 and yes foil I finish mine on the grill rather than the last hour in the smoker. No to wet chips I don't use water in the pan, but there's a good debate either way. If you foil, you add moisture anyway. You still need a water pan as a heat deflector. Good Luck! Todd

No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Beer-b-Q mmmmmmm bacardi coke. T Johnson thanks i work road const. out of  Belle Plaine live closer to mankato just have to experiment.

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Scotch on the rocks here! Good luck on that first smoke & don't forget the Qview.

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Rum and coke.. congrats on the smoker can't wait to see some Qview

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